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ADDRESS:No.7 Xinxing Road, Yueqing Bay Port District, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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  • Sales (testing)

    College degree or above;

    Sales Representative

    Salary range: 4500-15000 yuan / month

    Job highlights: year end bonus, regular physical examination, holiday welfare, housing allowance, double paid annual leave at the end of the year, communication allowance and meal allowance

    Position information

    operating duty:

    1. Complete customer negotiation, contract signing, documentary and post maintenance;

    2. Complete the monthly sales task assigned by the company;

    3. Effectively maintain the relationship between customers and banks, expand and develop new customer resources;

    4. Sort out customer files and establish marketing accounts.

    Job requirements:

    1. 22-35 years old, male or female, college degree or above;

    2. Working experience in investment, financial management, securities, banking and other related customer resources;

    3. Strong learning and communication skills, good at communication;

    4. Good sense of teamwork and pressure bearing ability.

    Salary negotiable

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